About Steamfield Sensors

'About' image: Sensor in action
Let Steamfield Sensors help you monitor your field performance

Development of electrical power from geothermal sources requires continual monitoring and planning. Steamfield Sensors can provide such monitoring with new sensor technologies that accurately track changes to void fraction and water flow velocity in two phase or multi phase flows in real time, allowing for much more timely analysis of the well flow.

The sensor techniques have been introduced at various conferences such as the Stanford Geothermal Conference, GRC Annual Meeting and GEA Expo, New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, and SMU  Power Plays International Energy Conference.

They provide real time comprehensive data about well performance, and  when used on multiple wells simultaneously can provide the ability to see any interaction there may be between wells.

When connected to a data network all this information can be  reviewed in real-time. If no such network is available, the sensors can be deployed to provide  datalogging functions, with results analyzed via post-processing.

Steamfield Sensors will work with you to develop plans for sensor deployment, data gathering and analysis, and effective display of sensor results.

Contact us to develop the best solution for your field. We look forward to working with you.