LC Sensor

The LC sensor allows for direct measurement of changes to water content by determining the weight of the contents in the pipe. A calculation is performed to relate the change in weight to void fraction (alpha) which is  tracked in real-time. The sensors have been used on pipes as large as 24inch diameter.


The LC sensor mounts external to the pipe, in an area where the pipe can be lifted, usually at a pipe support shoe. The sensor does not come in contact with the fluid flow,  which can be an advantage when measuring reinjection lines or flows with scaling or difficult (acidic) chemistry.

LC sensor installed at a pipe support

LC Sensor installed for temporary use, on a very short pipe support

The geometry of pipe supports is different in every field, therefore the mounting of the sensor must be defined for each application. In many locations the best plan for longterm use may require modification of a pipe support to accommodate the sensor, or to add a new pipe support specifically for the sensor itself.  In temporary applications strapping the sensor in place on existing supports has produced acceptable results.


Data from the sensor allows for tracking of changes to void fraction (alpha), and  additional information can be determined with further analysis. Data analysis can determine  changes in flow regime and possibly rate of growth of mineral scale. When two sensors are used, the combined response can be used to determine water flow velocity and flow direction.

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